Let’s have you, 2015

2014 was a huge year for me. I had some pretty big highs, some challenging lows but I came out with some incredible news to hit 2015 hard.

The feels when the offer came in.

As of next week, I will be officially joining the core design team of McKinsey Digital Labs and moving away from being a contractor. The transition was a no brainer and I’m so excited for the challenges that are yet to come.

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions these past three years, starting from the bottom as a hungry junior, with little to no experience in the world of building and shipping products. To watch MDL grow around me as we worked together on building a team of world class designers has been nothing but a humbling experience.

I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside a bunch of comically talented colleagues that have nurtured and mentored me over these past three years (you know who you are) and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Let’s have you, 2015.

About Tim Walker

24 year-old designer from the UK. Currently part of the core design team at McKinsey Digital Labs, he's responsible for user experience design and creative direction for a wide-ranging Fortune 100 client base.